My Dear Wedge Family,

The time has come to change directions at Wedge.  As you know from our last email, we have been giving serious consideration to moving our location and I am very excited for our future plans.   Wedge will be taking a sabbatical!  The modern definition of a sabbatical is “taking a rest or break from work to achieve a goal through travel, rest and research” and that is exactly what I will be doing.

My staff and I have dearly loved being part of the Midtown development.  My fellow business owners and I have worked diligently to make this district a great place to come for shopping, dining, entertainment and art.  I have loved meeting so many passionate people who are dedicated to creating and developing this amazing district that enhances the lives of the people of the Truckee Meadows in so many ways.  I am also deeply thankful for all the support and love we have received from YOU, our wonderful guests, over the past (almost) 5 years.

I have spent the last few months thinking about the right place for Wedge, what Reno needs and wants from us, what I need personally from the business and how all that fits in to Reno’s rapidly evolving future.  Wedge is much beloved here and I have had the honor to be a major driver in bringing great cheese to the hungry people of Northern Nevada.  That will continue!

Although our last day in Midtown will be April 30th, we will continue to stay in touch through facebook, emails and other events, so stay tuned!  I will also be setting up a blog for those who would like to follow my Cheez-a-palooza Sabbatical Tour visiting cheese shops, farms and cheesemakers in the US, Canada (and possibly Europe), while learning more about business. The plan is to be back in cut-to-order cheese service by next summer with the debut of the Wedge Cheese Truck and a reimagined business plan.

It’s going to be a great year!  I look forward to bringing great cheese back to Reno soon.

Your Friend in Cheeses,
Laura Conrow, Certified Cheese Professional
Owner, Wedge Cheese Shop