With so many cheeses in the world, it’s impossible to eat all of them in a single lifetime. But impossibility be damned, we’re out to help you reach for this melty-mission anyway.

But first, let’s back up a smidge.


Five years ago we started with our own melty-mission: to open a gourmet cheese shop in Reno—one that offered delicious cheeses not found in grocers. We were out to bring cheese-love to the people.

As a Certified Cheese Professional, Wedge Owner Laura C. (aka Queen Brie) doesn’t just love cheese, she’s a bit of a cheese whisperer. There’s an entire world of cheese to enjoy, and (lucky for us!) she fell in love with bringing the world’s cheese to our community. Then something amazing happened: the community gave love right back. Not only were people stretching past their cheese comfort zones, they were coming into the shop just to talk cheese. A cheese-loving community was forming—it was cheese heaven, we could die happy right then and there.

But not Laura. She was inspired by the growing enthusiasm for the delicious world she has dedicated her life to. So she took a leap of faith to provide even more to cheese-loving Reno.

In The Cheese World, There’s Always More To Learn …

Recently Laura C. took a cheese-sabbatical, O.D.-ed on cheeses around the globe, relished in cheese-making techniques and explored how people experienced cheese in fresh, exciting ways. When she returned, she had an epiphany: put her tasty wheels on wheels and create the area’s only artisan cheese truck, making thoughtful plates of scrumptious offerings available to all.

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